What to Look for in an PI Attorney

What to look for when hiring a Personal Injury attorney in Newark, Ohio?

If you’ve been injured in an accident in Newark, Ohio, you will need a good personal injury attorney on your side. Finding a good personal injury attorney can, however, be challenging, Here are some things to consider when looking for the right lawyer to handle your case and get you the compensation you deserve:


Use online resources or ask for a company brochure to find out how long an attorney has been practicing personal injury law. You want an established lawyer with plenty of experience with cases similar to yours. You probably don’t want someone fresh out of law school or at attorney who specializes is in an area of law other than personal injury. You also want a lawyer who has specific experience in personal injury cases in Newark and is familiar with local rules and practices.


When you hire a lawyer, you want to hire someone who is known and well-respected in the community. Make sure there are no disciplinary actions pending against the attorney and that he or she is in good standing with the Ohio State Bar. Avoid an attorney or firm whose ethics and practices are questionable. The attorney you hire should come highly recommended by other attorneys and former or current clients. Stay away from attorneys who are surrounded by a lot of controversy, have been cited for missing filing deadlines or have legal problems of their own.

Success rate

You want a lawyer who can get results. Look for any published cases similar to yours and see if there is a pattern of successful outcomes. Check the newspapers and other media sources to see if there have been publicized verdicts or settlements in cases handled by the attorney. If you know former clients of the attorney, ask them what their experience was and how satisfied they were with the result.

Personal attention

The attorney you hire should be able to cater to your needs and answer any questions you may have. The mark of a good attorney is that he or she is always busy, but never too busy to address your needs as a client. Your attorney should be able to return your phone calls within a reasonable time and schedule appointments where necessary. There should be an open communication regarding the status of your treatment, the opposing side’s position and any settlement offers made. You should expect courtesy and professionalism at all times.