What to look for in a Disability Lawyer in Columbus, Ohio

The Appeal process takes lots time and effort on the part of your attorney. The Law Office of Sarah J. Wolske is proud that they meet a high standard of client care. We meet regularly with our clients to review the status of their case and address issues with the client before they become a problem. We truly care about the outcome of your case.

Your Attorney should be willing to:

1. Analyze your case and determine if it meets the Social Security requirements. Eligibility.

2. Collect evidence to support your claim of disability. This will include medical records, statements from your treating physicians, school records and any other evidence needed to prove your case.

3. Identify the physical and/or mental disabilities that will be covered under the disability programs. List of Impairments for Adults.

4. File a Request for Reconsideration and/or a Request for Hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) to process your appeal.

5. Obtain a copy of your disability file from the Social Security Administration to review it for errors and evidence issues. We will insure that the evidence meets all the requirements of the 5 Step Evaluation Process.

6. Prepare you to testify in front of an Administrative Law Judge at a hearing. Tips to prepare for hearing.